Why to incorporate goals for a creative task like writing?

Setting up of goals is more of a task that suits the corporate world. Sounds so not matching with the free spirited task for writing which we all say, works best without any restrictions and constraints.  Still, experts in academic and non-academic writing suggest time and again that setting up goals is a means to enhance the productivity of writing and not stifle it down. When you set up goals for your writing assignments you are clearing up your thoughts to make sure that you do the tasks that are most important first and get accomplished to pave the path for the less important ones.

You are able to track your progress when you have goals set:  When you have benchmarks set for yourself, end of the semester you are able to measure your productivity against your benchmarks.  You automatically start feeling more productive when you know you have accomplished the goals you set for yourself in the semester.

You can be fair to yourself and not feel overburdened: slow and steady is the best approach. When you are in the habit if setting up regular goals for yourself, you know how much is fair for yourself and hence you are able to achieve realistically without actually overburdening yourself in any way.

You are able to maintain a steady pace:  when you have writing goals, you know approximately how much you need to work in each day to be able to accomplish what is required. You become more dedicated and find time each day for your activities. It further helps the content to stay fresh in your mind because you don’t leave it unattended for many days, rather you touch it every day, even if it is for a while only.

You know the stop signal: a seasoned goal setter knows his capabilities and limitations. When you achieve your goals ahead of time, you know you can afford to stop for a while, take a break as a reward. You know the feeling to enjoy the free time without any feeling of remorse is only possible when you accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

Some of you may disagree with me here that setting goals is necessary for productivity. Well, you may be right in your own way but what I can surely say is that, setting goals gives  you the time to accommodate other important things in your life as well, which you may not be able to find time if you did not organise  your work pattern and commitments.

2 thoughts on “Why to incorporate goals for a creative task like writing?

  1. Shaina Ahuja

    Never tried writing with a goal. Maybe I lack inspiration!

  2. Shelly

    I agree. Its like you copied my thoughts. 🙂

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