If you decide to collect data online……..!!

Most of the thesis are about primary data collection and usually to prove the authenticity of the data, a large amount of data has to be collected.  You will surely have to collect both qualitative as well as quantitative data.

Internet has come up to be one such boon for researchers, it gives one the opportunity  to connect thousands, millions of people sitting at one place and in that sense, there couldn’t be a better time for statistical research. If you are planning to use the net to collect data for your thesis, here are few things that can come to your help:

Generating an online survey:  the net gives you many options to generate surveys online. Options like Google forms or survey monkey are some of the options. However, if you want a more professional looking survey that is also not a very difficult job on the internet. Typeform is one such option that can help you to design a colourful and attractive survey.

Contacting people: if you wish to contact people as your respondents for your study you would need a large database of respondents. You can get information about people from social media or a blog. One very popular tool used on the internet is MailChimp. It is a place from where you can collect email addresses so you can contact them to participate in your survey. Not only this, to your surprise you can also manage your contacts through some special tools.

Creating a focus group: if your research is more qualitative in nature, you would need to create a focus group. It surely is a challenge to find a group of people together at the same time. Do not get into the hassle of streamlining the process through multiple email exchanges. Rather switch over to Doodle. It is a one place that would help you to coordinate everyone’s ability and also lets you know what the best time to meet them is.

Proposing incentives: researchers are aware that in the process of data collection some amount of incentive is important and leads to more high quality responses.  The internet gives you the option of rewarding people with some gift for sparing out time for you with I tunes download or perhaps some voucher from Amazon or any other similar site.

So now use the internet to your advantage because so far you are the most fortunate lot of researchers!!

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