What Works Best in the Thesis?

When you are writing a thesis and putting most amount of concentration into the matter of the subject, it is an accepted fact that you are bound to make grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. While this may be ok when you are still in the process of writing, but when you are about to submit it, you must make sure you either have it proof read of edited. For those of you who do not know which one works better for your thesis, read further and decide

Are you sure you have done a thorough research and know all that you need to know about your topic? Can you place your bet on the subject matter in your thesis? Then you probably need to simply have your thesis proof read.

Do you think you need a second opinion about your work? Are you not very happy with the kind of stuff you found and the way you put it in your thesis? Then the best thing for you to do is to go in for editing, ask someone who knows more than you do and make sure you have a final product that is satisfactory and acceptable.

Have you always been bad with grammar and spellings but great at understanding organization and structure? You probably only need a proof reading of your thesis and you are good to go.

Is it easy for you to find all the relevant data and you can put it in coherent phrases, but find it extremely tedious to format the whole thing? Is it too difficult for you to understand why you have to go through the pains of learning thesis formatting? The respite to your troubles lies in the skill of editing.

You can either have your work proof read or edited and in cases where you need to be absolutely sure, you can go for both.

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