How to revise content and structure appropriately?

Revision is surely required in research papers. After the first draft is the first time that you sit to revise the content of your document and then the same exercise has to follow a couple of times in the subsequent stages. The changes that you make in the document could be related to the content or the manuscript of the document. When you sit to revise the content of your document and structure, the key thing to keep in mind is that there should be no gaps in the content and a logical and easy to comprehend structure is maintained.

Revising the content of your document:

  • When you are revising your content, make sure that all inaccurate information that is related to data, discussion or citation related issues is corrected.
  • Ensure that the description of the concepts and techniques is sufficient and complete. Whatever additions or modifications are required, should be made at the appropriate places
  • All the inconsistencies  in the document should be looked  for and removed
  • If you have missed explaining any technical terms and if their use is extensive in your document, you should do so by adding them wherever required in accordance with the scope of your document.
  • Small things, such as full forms of abbreviations and acronyms should be given when they are mentioned for the first time itself. Then on in the document they can be used as short forms wherever required
  • Remove all superfluous content from all places

After having worked on the content, the next thing is to work on the structure of the document. Some of the restructuring intricacies adopted can greatly impact the quality of your document and improvise its impact from the first stage where you have written it.

Revising the structure of your document:

  • The introduction must necessarily have a brief roadmap of the manuscript that guides the reader through the document. In case it is absent, incorporate that as the first thing in the structure
  • Make sure throughout the document you have given the required headings and subheadings. If you haven’t done that, make sure you provide them at the right places
  • The document must follow a flow and any deficiencies in the document must be removed or rectified as per requirement
  • Sometimes in the beginning of the writing process we include sections or content, that may be irrelevant and may need rearrangement or deletion because it may seem irrelevant or not required now
  • Put the figures and the tables in appropriate order

When you   would have done all this, you would have created a document that is more worthy of reading and would win more appreciation and accolades.

3 thoughts on “How to revise content and structure appropriately?

  1. Sarah

    Revising research paper one’s completed, helped me finding some inaccurate data and in some places their were formatting and grammatical errors which I rectified.

  2. Antara Adhikari

    Good presentation information. Structuring the document is quite essential

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