Some things to be cautious about while writing your thesis

You may know of all the larger incorporations that you are making in your thesis and it is easy to know the essential format of your thesis. But there are small little intricacies that you need to careful about and you may not find them easily.

Use of “this” and “it”:  Usually when we use pronouns in our writing, we are thinking from our own perspective and we have the clarity of what we are referring to but the reader doesn’t know what vision you wrote with so he may not be able to identify what the pronouns refer to and this may create confusion for the reader.

“Use of “Never” and “Only”:  Never only are very assertive words and are good to be used when we have statements which we are sure of.  Throughout the thesis, until before the last chapter we are making assumptions so it is better to use words that talk about estimates.  Options such as “it seems” or “appears” are good alternatives. Never use assertive words until you have proof for them.

Commas: We often see writers using commas very liberally as there are no stringent set of rules that are available for the use of commas.  The mistake that writers make often is to use comma in accordance with the pause they would take with verbal language but in written comma should be used more logically when there is a conceptual pause rather than a verbal pause. It is better to have smaller fresh sentences than long and complex sentences with a lot of commas.

Use of mathematical symbols:  one should specifically never begin sentences or paragraphs with complicated symbols such as mathematical symbols.  Sometimes another blunder that readers make is to put up a punctuation symbol right next to a mathematical symbol. This creates a confusion in the mind of the reader that the punctuation is a part of the mathematical symbol.  Try to write the equation in such a way that the reader can read through it like text.

Definition of symbols and terminology: It is imperative that whatever symbols and terminology that you use, u must explain and elaborate them before only. The symbols must be specified quite clearly to ensure that what they are denoting.  Providing the best possible clarity to the reader is the preliminary duty of the writer else the entire effort of research is futile.

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