How to make the best slides for your research presentation?

A researcher has varied roles to play.  They must know how to work at all places, labs, library and the fields as well. They should be versatile in their skills to be not just good readers and writers but also good presenters. When you have results in your research, you go to show them to others.  When you have to transfer your research results on a PPT, you need to know a few things in advance:

Reduce the text quantity: When you are presenting, your audience has to listen to you. The thumb rule for a presentation is to keep the text as less as possible.  This is because, if the slide has too much of content, then invariable the audience starts to read the text on their own and does not concentrate on what you are saying. Try to keep the text as less as possible on the PPT. That is important.

Incorporate pictorials:  think of images that you can include in your PPT. this is because looking at the picture, the audience is able to focus more on what   you are saying. As long as the picture is able to establish connect between the topic and what you want to say then it is a great way to bring down the clutter of the presentation.

Do not over load new information:  when the reader has to read on his own, he is able to control the pace on his own. However, when he is listening to your presentation then the control of the pace is with you. It is not a good idea to show all your text at one else the reader would mentally move ahead from where you are. Graduate slowly in a step by step approach rather than in a way that the information starts to bounce up on the reader.

Take note of the formatting requirements:   there are a lot of formatting considerations to take care of while you are preparing a presentation. The text should be in such a font and size that it should be easy for the audience to read. There should not be any spelling or typo errors. There should be enough space between the lines, make use of bullet points wherever necessary. Keep a light toned background and place your content in such a way that audience sitting at a good distance can also find it visible in a good enough way.

3 thoughts on “How to make the best slides for your research presentation?

  1. Penny

    Nice. Can you also write a blog on the software that is best for making presentations?

  2. Sarah

    While making presentation we should keep in mind that it should be more pictorial and less in content and to keep audience attentive data should be precisely presented

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