How and where to create a research centric online profile?

An online profile is accessible to the whole world without any constraints of geographical or social boundaries and researchers always want to have a profile that revolves around their academic performance and achievements. In particular the publication record of a researcher becomes a mirror of his academic growth and should reflect in the CV or profile. Find few sites here that in particular focus on your research and if you are successfully able to create your profile and update it and maintain it well, it will become a good showcase platform for others to know of your productivity and at the same time help you to know the amount of impact your research and contribution is creating in the academic environment.

  1. ImpactStory: this site helps you to create an impressive research linked CV which is a platform to highlight all your research products. It isn’t just confined to publication record. In addition it has a great feedback mechanism that helps you to know the frequency of your work getting cited, mentioned and discussed over the virtual wold. It is used extensively by researchers around the world and is a very useful medium to demonstrate your holistic research skills.
  2. Kudos: Kudos helps you to enhance the readership for your content, it may not be a site that is specific to research related profiles but it surely helps you to create a framework for your publications and increasing your popularity online.
  3. ORCID: ORCID helps you to identify your work in the huge sea of online work that is available. This medium is one way to ensure that all credit for your work is given to you, wherever on the internet it is published. It does that by created distinct identification ids for each researchers who signs in and it helps to ensure 100 per cent representation for your work.
  4. Figshare: figshare is as research repository, which means that you will not just find it useful for your own work but also to get free access to the work of other researchers. On this platform you deposit any research work for public access and exhibit your expertise in your specific area of research to the academia on internet.

In addition, social networking is another great medium but if you further explore you may find options that may not be very popular but have a special focus/target towards investigators and researchers. They are surely to be tapped if getting popular online as a researcher is your target!!

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