Strategies and Steps for Quality Editing and Proofreading

Structuring and restructuring is an ongoing process throughout the writing session. Restructuring augments up the quality of work and gives a refined touch to the write-up. Editing and proofreading signifies a similar point of view here; that writer is in the finishing mood of his work. Both these formatting process is more from the reader’s perspective and less from the writer’s view. Let’s comprehend more on the stratagem of the two –

Editing: Initial know-how of restructuring lies in editing, where an editor is well aware and familiar with the types of mistakes a writer can commit. Following are some steps to underline the errors –

  • Grammatical and punctuation issues – Use of incorrect words and punctuation signs can change the meaning of the sentence. Hence, an expert knowledge of grammar and related terms should be there to avoid these mistakes.
  • Read sentences one by one – Reading breathlessly will never fulfill your purpose. Hence, read sentences one by one this will aid in finding mistakes and correcting it.
  • Doesn’t murmur, read it aloud – Read as if you are narrating a story. Focus on your reading that whether it sounds, spells and signifies the same message you want to convey? Correct immediately, if stuck somewhere and then proceed with your reading.

Proofreading: Due to some failure to notice and carelessness, some errors, still persist in the write-ups. Thorough and final reading of the complete write-up and correcting the left out errors comes under proofreading –

  • Reading again and again – Reading every sentence again and again can eliminate the overlooked errors. Search for the minor mistakes like spellings, paragraph division, font size and alignments of the sentence, these rectifications will complete your proofreading.

Furthermore, both editing and proofreading is an expert level process in which circling around the knowledge based analysis is compulsory.